Saturday, October 8, 2011

7. Only One Time in History

After the applause and hugs for Trudy finished, Zeb lead the whole group in prayer thanking Him for all His good gifts. He secondly asked God to bless the lesson about to be shared.

Zeb used a lot of body motion and an almost spooky tone to introduce the lesson for these troubled hearts. “I want to tell you about a historic event that happened long long ago, that had never occurred before or since. It’s so strange many people don’t believe it ever happened for real. Well, it did and you’re all going to like it moocho.”

The man’s name was Balaam. He was supposed to be a preacher or prophet, but he didn’t always do what God wanted, by a long shot. Down this narrow lane he went riding his donkey on one of his shameful tasks. This time an evil king had called Balaam to say super bad things about the nation of Israel. And we all know that Israel is God’s chosen favorite nation.”

All of a sudden the donkey would go no farther. Balaam whipped him but he took off down into a field. More whippings and the donkey smashed Balaam’s foot against a nearby wall, but the donkey would not go forward. The reason is that one of God’s angels with a sword in hand was blocking the donkey’s path.” Zeb, who liked the gang to call him Buddy, paused to see that everyone was still with him. They were with greater interest.

Benny blurted out, “Well come on Buddy. What happened next? I love this story, I mean history event, so far… Tell us what happened next!”

Buddy asked all the gang to open their Bibles to the book called Numbers. “That’s the 4th book of the Bible. This is one of the books that lots of people don’t like to read. They think it has too much boring repetition in it. I guarantee there won’t be one boring word in this amazing miraculous event that has ever happened only once… and WE get to read about it and share it whenever we want.”

As we go to chapter 22 verse 28 I want to tell you the word ass in the Bible is an old time way of talking about a donkey and is not a nasty way of talking. Trudy, will you read verse 28 for us?” Buddy asked. She did and gasped as did most of the other gang. “Wowwww” came from several of the gang too. “Yes, God made the donkey talk human talk. And it even counted too. But more wonderful is to learn WHY God made the donkey talk and count like a man.” emphasized Zeb.

He told the gang, “All of God’s chosen nation were down in the valley raising their families and never knew about what was going on, up on the hill above them. Up there were Balaam, his donkey, and God’s angel guarding the Israelites from Balaam’s attempts to curse them. Now gang, our wonderful God has angels to protect us from many evil people that want to say and do things against us. Isn’t that comforting?” Zeb asked the question again for emphasis.

Not only was God’s angel, with sword raised, on guard duty but he even gave a lowly donkey the ability to warn a human that his actions, if carried out, might mean Balaam’s death. God has all sorts of ways to protect us and help us to do things that please Him. Isn’t it exciting to see that God uses mighty angels but also lowly donkeys to guard us and help everyone to honor God in heaven?”

Buddy, doesn’t that mean that I can pull my cover over me at night and know that God is watching over little me, even?” asked one of the boys. Buddy excitedly slapped his knee and said, “…sure does! In fact there’s even a Bible verse that tells about the angels that watch over you young people every minute. Now if that doesn’t put some grit in your gizzard… uh..I mean innards, nothing else will!”

Buddy then got a real serious look on his face and caressed his beloved Bible again. He told the gang, “We’ve just seen that God provides guardian angels with swords and sometimes talking animals to protect us, but that’s only a small part of His love and care. The greatest gift of love to us is sending His only Son to the earth to teach us about love sent from heaven and to be a sacrifice for all our sins.”

Buddy tapped his forehead saying, “But it’s not enough just to know about God’s only Son and sacrifice on the cross.” Then tapping his chest he told the boys and girls, “We need to ask Him to come into our heart so He can become our Lord and Master. If any of you would like to know more about becoming saved the Bible way, let me know soon.”

Zeb said, “For those of you who don’t have a Bible at home, I suggest that you take a few minutes after the meeting and read all of chapter 22 of Numbers. Now let’s see… where is the book of Numbers?” A couple girls said, “It’s the 4th book of the Bible.” They got a thumbs-up from Buddy.