Thursday, October 13, 2011

1. How Things Add Up

This is so awesome, we'll have to build up slowly to the spreadsheet numbers blast. I'll give JUST A TASTE, and then we're going to let Ol' Zeb and his Mop Room Gang take us to the tops in 'Cross-Foot Spreadsheet Calculating' in the Old Testament. You'll enjoy every bit, or is it byte?

Get your calculator, ipad, computer, or smartphone number-cruncher out, and point it toward the Old Testament book of Numbers. It follows Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus. Put one eye on the first chapter, and the other eye on your keyboard.

Remember now, this is just a taste...
Oh yeah... a "score" equals 20.

God's precious word, in chapter, gives us the first nose-count of the people in each of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.

Begin with verse 21. Type in 46,500. Verse 23, type in 59,300. Plug in the totals for the other 10 tribes and add them up. It's all in chapter 1. What'd ya get?  If you hit all the right buttons, it should match verse 46. 

Isn't that a neat first taste?  And who said God's word can't be trusted. People that don't like lots of the Old Testament scripture 'cuz it's too boring... just don't know how to crunch numbers... in the book of Numbers.. .grin.

Ok, so let's check in with the Zeb, Smokey, and the whole Mop Room Gang and see more Bible goodies you just can't hold back from sharing with others.