Friday, October 7, 2011

11. That's Not the Half of it!

Clearly excited Zeb told the gang, “But that isn’t the half of it! Look at chapter 2. It repeats the totals for each tribe and its head person and his father’s name too! Do they match with chapter 1? Absolutely!” Next Zeb drew a big box on the blackboard and wrote the word ‘Tabernacle’ inside of it. Then he told the gang, look at verse 3 of chapter 2. “Do you see the words ‘east side’? And down in verse 10 do you see the words ‘south side’? Now look at verse 18 and 25. You’ll see ‘west side’ and ‘north side’.”

What happens is that God is telling all the tribes where they are always to camp around the Tabernacle. On the east side of this tabernacle square we’ll write “Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon”. On the south side down here we’ll write “Reuben, Simeon, and Gad.” He then continued on with writing the remainder of the 12 tribe’s names being sure to have just 3 tribes on each side of the Tabernacle square.

Now look in verse 9 to see the total stated for the 3 tribes on the east side of the tabernacle. Does this verse jive with the sum of the individual totals of those three tribes? Now look at verses 16, 24, and 31. These verses also give the totals for each group of 3. 

Now here’s the frosting on the cake. Look at the number representing the sum of the totals of the 4 groups. Frankie, what does it say?” Frankie was not a very big fella and not all that lively but he shouted so loud it got Smokey to barking. “Zeb. It says 603,550! It matches everything. Nobody had a bad hair day writing all these names and numbers down! God’s Word is true… no mistakes… I can feel good and comfortable about reading every inch of it!”

A couple of the boys rubbed Frankie’s back to calm him down and make Smokey quit barking. Two of the rescue squad team ran in to the mop room and were ready to put a cold wash rag on Frankie. Norma said, “its all right fellas. Frankie just got real excited when he saw that God’s Word is true and we can trust it to comfort us and keep us safe.”

Zeb told the mop room gang, “It actually gets better than this, but I don’t think Frankie and Smokey can take any more today. Let’s have closing prayer thanking God for all the great things we learn about Him and His love for us. I’ve had about all the excitement this ol’ ticker will take in one day.”